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  • 滄州東興數控機床制造有限責任公司

    Contact Us  

    Cangzhou Dong Xing cnc machine tool manufacturing co., LTD.

    Add:Development zone no.4 road NC machine tool industrial park,Botou County
    TEL:0317-7576767 7576787
    Manager:wang manager
    After-sales service:0317-8284668(yin manager)
    Cangzhou Dong Xing cnc machine tools manufacturing Co.,Ltd Cangzhou Dong Xing cnc machine tool manufacturing Co., Ltd,located in NC machine tool industrial park of Botou development zone,Cangzhou City,Hebei,China.The company is away from Beijing about 200 kilometers,and it’s near the highway so the traffic is very convenient.The area of our company is 49000 square meters ,of which the building area is 1000 square meters. Company set r&d,designation,production,sales and service in a body.Not only our company has a high-quality staff team,but also has a strong r&d team.Through research and development,our company product performance is more and more stable,technology content is higher and higher,and some well-known enterprises keep long-term relations of cooperation with us. The main products are as follows:CNC threaded rod milling machine,CNC spiral rotor milling machine,CNC spiral rotor grinding machine,CNC thread whirling machine,Valve for special machine tools,Glass bottle mold special machine tools,CNC roll lathe,CNC gantry boring and milling machine,CNC nail cutting grinder,Thread sets for special machine tool,etc.Five-axis five linkage CNC spiral rotor shaft milling machine and five-axis five linkage spiral rotor grinder have realized the online testing,which can compare with the same kind of imported machine tool,and the cost performance is high,then it has become the domestic customer's first choice.
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